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How To Float And Swim In A Back Pack

Uncategorized April 10, 2015



The key to swimming with your backpack is for the person being able to float on water, and this mainly occurs because of buoyancy. To increase one's buoyancy gently press your weight onto your shoulder blade and let your head relax into the water. Ensure you are streamline as much as possible.

Ensure you don't sink and press your hands above the head, this will create support for your waist and create leverage for your legs.


Use a splash cover to prevent your backpack from getting wet.

Keep the items that you want to remain dry in plastic bags or cover them in rain gear, for example, electronics. Tuck any equipment on the outside of the backpack.


Put empty bottles to the outside of the backpack. In case, you have an inflatable life vest wear it as it increases your buoyancy despite the eight of the bag. If you have an air mattress place it underneath you, as this increases your chances of floating. If the backpack is sufficiently buoyant, use it to swim.


Once you start floating and get comfortable the water, do a flutter kick with your legs and start crawling with your hands, lifting one hand in the air and keeping straight as it re-enters the water. Once the hand is underneath the water, bend it back. Bring it to the position next to your side. Alternate this repeatedly and keep your fingers together and palm as flat as possible.

  • You can also try a wide variety of strokes from the forward stroke, breaststroke or butterfly.
  • Treading water can help if you want to catch a breath, One can use the backpack to aid as a floating mechanism if it can to float on water more about this here http://classybackpacks.com/best-waterproof-backpacks.
  • Use your hands to cut the waters while you do the eggbeater kick.
  • Move one arm in a clockwise manner while the other in an anticlockwise manner. If your backpack is heavy and pulls you underneath the water, you can try swimming with one hand in the strap and another one free as you kick and crawl in the water.


(a)   Know how to get away from a river current

If you are swimming in a river with high currents, do not swim against the current since this will drain your energy because you are swimming with a backpack but swim across the current in a diagonal direction. Swim in a steady stroke. You can place the bag beneath you and hold onto it if it can float. Don’t panic as this will also drain your energy. You should aim to remain calm.

(b)   Know how to get away from a rip tide

If you are swimming in the ocean and get caught in a rip tide, you can swim sideway and place the backpack beneath you if it can float to aid in swimming.

Don't as this might cause you to drown.

Keep swimming as far as possible from the riptide although this might prove tiresome. Swim in a steady stroke.

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