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Pillow Talk: What Does Your Favorite Sleep Position Tell About You?

Uncategorized April 12, 2015

We've all heard of the old adage – actions speak much louder than words. But has it ever occurred to you that your favorite sleeping position can provide a lot of information about your personality and how it affects your health? Well, it can based on studies conducted by researchers from the UK Sleep Assessment and Mark Wright's Advisory Service.

The director, Chris Idzikowski, PHD (who also studied ex-Boyzone member the late Stephen Gately's sleep patterns for a TV show), and his team surveyed over 1,000 people from all over England about their sleeping habits. What they have uncovered makes for a very interesting read, and will reveal surprising things about you than you ever thought possible. Now before I bore you to sleep (I know bad pun), herewith are the results of that study.

The Sleeping Positions

1.   The Fetus (sleeping on your side with your legs curled up – just like a fetus in a womb)

The Fetus position is the most favored according to majority of the participants, taking in 41 percent of results.

–   What it says about these people:

Dr. Idzikowski says that folks who curl up this way in bed are hard on the exterior but sensitive inside – they build up an armor of toughness to protect their true, gentle personality. They also take some time to warm up to strangers and new people, but once you get to know them better they start to let their true colors show. Surprisingly, of the 41 percent who said that they favored this sleep position, women outnumbered the men more than twice. Also, people who have a tendency to sleep using this position must put a pillow between their legs to ease the strain on their body and make sleep more relaxing.

2.   The Log (sleeping on your side with limbs straight down)

15 percent of individuals reported to like sleeping in the log position.

–   What it says about these people:

If the people who like to sleep in the fetal position are guarded, then the opposite is true for these individuals. Gregarious and outgoing, they have no problems talking with complete strangers and mingling with others. However, they must be a little cautious because they tend to be to easily manipulated and are quite naive. Health wise, it is important that you lie on a bed that has adequate support and a pillow that is not too soft since the neck and head are positioned awkwardly and can cause some strain.

3.   The Yearner (sleeping on your side with arms outstretched in front)

13 percent responded that they sleep posed with the yearner position.

–   What it says about these people:

Pessimism is the keyword for these individuals who can be a little too paranoid for their own good. They are also reportedly stubborn people who are not easily swayed into making a decision, but once they do, they tend to stick with it for a long time. For those of you who sleep like this it is very important to find a very good pillow that can support the weight of your neck and head to avoid an unpleasant sleep experience or worse, a stiff neck.

4.    The Starfish

From the name itself, 5 percent like to sleep with limbs outstretched like a star.

–   What it says about these people:

If you need a therapist aka friend then you better find someone who sleeps like this. According to the report folks who sleep like a starfish are the best people to become friends with since they always have a ready ear for you to tell your troubles, and are quite selfless in times of need. Although their positive qualities are very rare, they do not like being the star of the show (again, no pun intended) and prefer to stay in the background.

However, sleeping in this position can put their back at risk since it puts it in an unnatural curvature that can place a lot of strain on the spine. Experts recommend either putting a pillow or rolled up towel under the knees and the lower back to ease the tension. Unfortunately, the starfish position can also cause snoring and an unpleasant sleep.

5.    The Soldier

8 percent have a tendency to favor sleeping on their back with the arms place on the sides of the body.

–   What it says about these people:

Just like a disciplined soldier, these perfectionists like to keep to themselves and are quite modest and reserved – they like no drama in their lives. A very sturdy pillow will greatly enhance their sleep since just like the starfish position, it can lead to snoring and breathing issues.

6.    The Freefaller

7 percent like to sleep lying on their stomach with their arms clutching the pillow and their head to the side.

–   What it says about these people:

Easily affected by criticisms and are quick to anger, these folks do not like being subjected under stressful situations. However they are very outgoing, and love being in the spotlight.

Just like the starfish position the freefaller can put a lot of strain on the spine, and if you really prefer to sleep like this you may opt to not using a pillow instead to protect the back from unnecessary strain.





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