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Vertical Rotary Car Parking System Details and specification

Car Parking system October 27, 2016

Vertical Rotary Car Parking System Details and specification with new design and more powerful system in the world which one full fill of car parking solutions Vertical Rotary Car Parking System Details and specification with new design and more powerful system in the world which one full fill of car parking solutions.


Vertical cycle series blockish parking garage that could be a mechanical vehicle cycle
movement instrumentality. that working rule is that the motor drive the transmission
mechanism through gear. within the traction chain,when the motor starts,the car parking
frame doing cycle movement in conjunction with the chain.which win automotive parking purpose,


Rotary Parking Lift Feature
1). We have 10 national patents of car parking.
2),Anti-corrosion time: 40-50years.
3),Drive system: from Germany
4),Precision machining,to ensure accuracy within 0.02mm
4).There are raw materials laboratory in our factory, strictly control the quality.
5),Cutting: plasma cutting and polishing treatment to remove scale
6),Welding after processing: a large one-time positioning milling machine.
7),Welding: Panasonic robotic welding, ensure stability
8),Noise is very small, only 30 decibel,our parking less noise than other manufacturer.
9),Commissioning: reduced motor power, high safety performance, reduce noise
10),Production time is short, occupies land area is small.


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