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What A Shower Head Would Be Best For Lovers

Uncategorized April 11, 2015

You are finally home after a hard day at work. The first thing you want to do is jump right into the shower. It is the most comfortable place to be right now. It is a place you want to be with your partner. Let them tell you all about their day, and maybe create some memorable moments. A good looking bathroom can make you and your partner more comfortable and the ideal place to remove stress.

A good shower will help you relax, after a hard day’s work. It is the best place to be with your partner. Depending on the environmental condition, you will get a hot or cold shower.

The type of shower head you have in your bathroom will affect the comfort you have. A good shower head supplies a high flow of water. A below average shower head is quite uncomfortable, especially when with your partners. It is always a good idea to know the details about your shower head. These features help you and your partner get the best shower head for your house.

Factors to consider when going for a good shower head

Below are some of the factors that you should consider before buying a shower head.

-Type: You will find different types of shower heads on the market today. Wall mounted or handheld. This point is where you choose the best type of shower head for you and your partner. The durability of the shower head is also an important aspect to consider here.

-Price: This is perhaps the most common factor everyone considers before making any purchase. The best shower head to choose is one that does not exceed your budget.

-Design: when buying a good showerhead, it's right to go for the most stylish. Get a shower head that you look at admiringly elegant shower head gives an excellent impression about your bathroom. To go for the best design its right to conduct some research on the internet.

-Quality: this comes with the brand you choose. Although to get the best quality means incurring a higher cost, it's always a good idea to go for the best. It is pointless to buy something that you get to use for a very short period.

Now that we are clear on the factors to consider when choosing a good showerhead: let's choose the best shower head for lovers. At this point kids, it’s a good idea to watch some cartoon and leave this bit to adults. Off you go.

The best shower head for lovers is, of course, the double headed one. This shower head lets you share intimate moments with that special someone. We all know about the problems we endure having to have a real time in the bathroom with a regular shower head. You have to take turns in front of the shower head. One person is warm and cozy while the other one freezes on the side. That doesn’t sound so romantic.

With the double head shower head, turn up that bad boy to heat up to steam on both streams. Let everyone have their shower stream. Occasionally meet in the middle to maybe share a kiss but not the hot water. I do not necessarily have to point out the romantic possibilities here. Shoe case your creativity to your lover under the double headed shower.

Best double shower heads in the market

-Zoe first mates double shower head: Zoe manufacturers are one of the best shower head manufacturers. They are great when going for a purchase that will save you some money. After purchasing from them, remove the restrictors to enjoy the best water flow from the shower heads.

-Sport sheets dual showerheads: according to them, nothing sells more than sex. It is the central angle that these manufacturers use when approaching their customers. The shower heads come with four different types of spray patterns. Do away with the limiting device to enjoy the full power of the shower heads.

-Grohe Freehander Dual Head Shower System: this shower has a unique design. It is double stacked, rather than the standard side by side double shower heads. I would say it the best shower head when it time to scratch your partners back.

-Ana Bath Handheld and Showerhead Combo: this is another excellently designed double shower head.

It comes with both fixed and handheld shower heads. For most people, its is the best shower head design. It has remarkable ratings on Amazon. It is quite popular.


If you are hoping to have the best time with your lover, choose the double headed shower heads. They offer comfort and fun fro you and your partner. They are also cost-friendly and are readily available in the market.

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